Series of interations at Digital Shoreditch Brand Day

Our social media expert Giulio recently shared some thoughts with me on Digital Shoreditch Festival’s Brand Day..

Chris Pearce states on “The Wall” blog: “There were few clowns at Digital Shoreditch’s Brands Day last week despite the large, black ‘Big Top’ tent lending a gritty, pop-up style feel to the event” I agree with him to a degree, there might have not been any clowns around, but there were no great enlightenings either, as the core of most of the morning presentations was “be innovative”, “focus your objectives”, “be consistent”, and other things that don’t sound quite specific. I don’t blame the presenters, that’s all they could possibly say in the 10 minute time slot that they were allocated, and that’s a pity, in my opinion. Continue Reading →

Make people laugh

“The most powerful strategy in advertising is to tell the truth,” John Hegarty started at the V&A. Another brilliant talk in the British Design series, the lecture room was filled with advertising industry players and hopefuls – a different vibe to the other talks in the series.

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Friday’s Fresh Meat XV

Happy Friday!

Keeping up with last week’s dog theme.. More on “Dog Photographer of the Year” (unfortunately not dogs dressed us as photographers or cameras, shame!)

In Friday’s Fresh Meat this week.. Continue Reading →

Savile Row Meets Mr. Bean

Sir Paul Smith had a chat, as he himself called it, at the V&A Museum this past Tuesday. It was one of the best “chats” I have ever listened to. Sir Paul was genuine and real, humorous and inspirational. The audience loved him – not least because he gave little presents to everyone who asked a question at the end! With my hand eagerly raised, I failed to get a turn in the sea of keen fashionistas, but it didn’t take away from the man and his thoughts and ideas. Continue Reading →

The Guardian’s Media Map

The Guardian has accessed data from Bitly on above average clicks for major UK news sites on social media and using the data created an interactive map showing the most influential UK news sites and what their main catchment areas are.

Inspired by the media map Forbes created for the US, the UK map is not based on total number of clicks; if it was the map would only show the sites with the most traffic. The data is normalised, showing the sites and stories which are most increased compared to their average readership across the UK.

Friday’s Fresh Meat XIV

In Friday’s Fresh Meat this week..

I’m absolutely obsessed by getting a dog at the moment.. I really want a Beagle, but this skateboarding Bulldog is quite funny too.. Max’s owner actually taught him how to jump on the board and push it with one leg!

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An Eternally Misplaced Person

“Ahtisaari is the only man I know who has made peace on three continents.” Kofi Annan

Martti Ahtisaari is a hero of mine. As the President of Finland (1994-2000) he entered us into the EU and helped our country fight severe economic depression, but the majority of his career has been spent working for the foreign office and the UN making him a highly respected peace negotiator and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Choosing not to put himself forward for a second term in office, after his presidency Ahtisaari set up Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), an independent non-profit organisation based in Finland that “works to resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace.” During his astonishing career Ahtisaari has negotiated peace from Namibia and Kosovo to most recently Indonesia. Part of the group ‘The Elders’ with Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu, and a champion of women’s involvement in peace talks, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008 “for his important efforts, on several continents and over more than three decades, to resolve international conflicts.”

On Friday the 4th of May as a guest of the Scandinavian Society, he spoke at my old college at the University of Oxford. I was lucky enough to get to talk to him and shake his hand. Continue Reading →

“Everything you do has to be better than it was yesterday” -Kenneth Grange

Kenneth Grange spoke at the V&A on Tuesday the 8th of May as a part of the British Design Series – as a Scandinavian into design, and a planner worried about the lack of importance that brands that are not Apple place on design today, I was there to hear him out. Continue Reading →

Friday’s Fresh Meat XIII

Last supper of career criminal Robert Alton Harris in 1992 and the irony of “Smoking kills”, photographed by Helen Thompson.

Helen Thompson’s photographs, and other images from the Sony World Photography Awards, are at the Embankment Galleries, Somerset House, London WC2 until 20 May.

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I was away in my native Helsinki – World Design Capital of 2012! – last weekend.. Having spent a wonderful weekend in not so springy Finland, it’s needless to say I am feeling very Finnish this week!

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