The link to development tool If This Then That (ifttt) was sent around the office the other day and it looks like a damn useful find for defining tasks to put the internet to work for you. Take a look here.

Our Digital Planner Faraaz Marghoob noted:

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There shouldn’t always be an app for that

The word gamification is enough to make some grown men dry heave; it’s bandied about as a knee jerk answer to ‘how should we bring this to life?’ Just as there shouldn’t always be an app for that, games and engagement strategies need to hit certain markers to have relevance and ring true for a brand.

An internet flame war has erupted over Sebastian Deterding’s strong critique of Gabe Zichermann’s book Gamification by Design in which Deterding accuses Zichermann of peddling cod-science and misrepresenting the fundamentals. Why should we care? Well, Zichermann proclaims himself to be the expert in gamification and his scope of influence is pretty wide, and while Deterding’s argument is overly long, the basics of it are straightforward and pretty important:

This week in Planning

John Kearon from the creative research agency Brain Juicer wrote in Issue 28 of Contagious about the importance of advertising making a connection with the System 1 thinking part of our brains (which represents intuitive, unconscious, emotional mental processing, and is separate to the System 2 part – the analytical, cognitive ‘higher order’ thinking), with testing showing that these unthinking emotional connections are stronger and more resonant than their ‘clever thinking’ counterparts.

David Brennan writes in his paper Influence Through Storytelling, “Neuroscience shows how a powerful narrative stimulates emotions, engagement and long-term memory encoding of the message, enabling sub-conscious influence.”
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Our mobile planet – the newest and awesomest tool for smart phone data

For the first time ever in depth data on smart phone penetration, usage, behavior, advertising and commerce is available for FREE for EVERYONE. And it’s really fun to use… You can filter the information easily, and create snazzy graphs. Thank you Google!

How many of you will read this post whilst being bored waiting for the bus…