The young and the damned Brits?

Posted on 4 November 2011 by enni-kukka

On the 12th of November Ridley Scott and BBC2 are asking the people of Britain to record a day in their lives on film. “Britain in a Day” is a follow up to their 2010 global project “Life in a Day” that was turned into a feature film. Now the focus is on Britain with the intent to release the documentary leading up to the 2012 Olympics. People are asked to film their day and share the content on YouTube to become a part of Britain’s cultural history. What is going to be captured on video?

This past summer The Vaccines teamed up with Instagram and asked their fans to share their festival photos to make the bands new video. The happy orange-tinted summer photos were shared via #vaccinesvideo on Twitter and have now been edited as the band’s video for “Wetsuit”. Incredibly positive and uplifting, albeit quite generic, there’s a long way from the young and happy free festival spirits of the Vaccines to Rhianna’s latest “We Found Love” (in a hopeless place…) filmed at a council estate in Belfast. The grey and dark world filled with pills, shoplifting, self-made tattoos, too much partying and abusive relationships make Rhianna’s hopeless place. Surprisingly UK centred, in only two weeks the official video already has over 23 million views! Dr. Martens “First and Forever” campaign from earlier this year with Agyness Deyn (her voiceover also kicks off Rhianna’s video) talking about her first heartbreak uses a similar dark council estate backdrop, hanging around gaming arcades. “Top Boy”, about a young gang leader wanting to take over the drug supply on his estate, recently premiered on Channel 4. The Hackney-based writer of the show is said to have interviewed local dealers and kids to really get an in to their world.

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