Friday’s Fresh Meat III

Posted on 12 December 2011 by enni-kukka


Here are a few interesting bits from last week.. As we prepare for our Saatchi&Saatchi outlook on 2012, we are very much looking ahead in the spirit of our nation..

The Guardian’s and LSE’s “Reading the Riots” study looks beyond the headlines into the causes and implications of the August 2011 riots and what we should learn from them to make sure it doesn’t happen again. A wider range of different articles and think pieces following first-hand interviews with 270 rioters. Especially interesting comparison between the 1981 and the 2011 riots; “A new kind of riot?”.

Absolutely fascinating chart on money – where it is and what it can do!

Vanity Fair’s Jan2012 issue has an interesting piece about the notion of “devolution” (that seems to be everywhere at the moment, even in the most recent “28th British Social Attitudes Report”..) – being stuck on repeat, looking at America’s cultural landscape of the past two decades.

We are still slightly cringing over’s trend language and made up words/concepts.. Nonetheless still fun to read their “12 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2012”: 1. Red carpet, 2. DYI health, 3. Dealer-chic, 4. Eco-cycology, 5. Cash-less, 6. Bottom of the urban pyramid, 7. Idle sourcing, 8. Flawsome, 9. Screen culture, 10.  Recommerce, 11. Emerging maturalism and 12. Point&Know.

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