Friday’s Fresh Meat V

Posted on 13 January 2012 by enni-kukka

Yihaa and happy Friday the 13th! Hope you’ve stayed out of trouble..

Here is 2012’s first Friday’s Fresh Meat to bring you some light, as well as endless predictions on 2012 (everyone seems to have picked a different number of trends with JWT leading the table with 100 things to watch for 2012). Just wait – Saatchis always digs deeper..

Admap’s 10 marketing trends for 2012.

Design Mind’s technology trend predictions for 2012 and slide share presentation:

1.    Connected Cities
2.    Taking Computers Out of Computing
3.    Quantified Selves
4.    The Reductive Social Network: Technology Finally Gets Personal
5.    Convergence Causing Specialization
6.    Interaction Choreography
7.    Reputation Enhanced Lending and Trading Becomes Mainstream
8.    Base of the Pyramid ?Mobile Innovation
9.    Digital Discovery in the Physical World
10.    Flourishing Commerce in the Post-PC Era
11.    The Age of the Algorithm
12.    Biomimicry
13.    Reign in the Clouds!
14.    Remote Collaboration
15.    Re-Shape: Humans Are Analogue

Google, making searching more personal..

NY Times recently listed where to go in 2012.. And as expected, as the design capital of 2012, Helsinki is number 2! I recommen you should plan a little trip to my neighbourhoods..

“Front line: a year of journalism&conflict”
, a new temporary exhibition at the Somerset House until the 5th of Feb. Definitely going next week; it sounds like powerful stuff.. Much more interesting than the endless trend re-caps!

You will soon learn to know how much I looove Ikea.. Here is another example of their geniousness; after finding out that over 100,000 people had liked “I want to have a sleepover at Ikea” on Facebook, Ikea in Essex organized just that.. A massive fan sleepover in their store, with new fresh Ikea linen, goodie bags and an evening snack in the Ikea Cafe! Wish I could have been there, especially to hear one of the TOWIE stars read a beadtime story, haha!

Art is always on my mind.. A really interesting article in the Guardian on “Why should we fund the arts?” – worth a read!

The World 2011 tweeted.. Can’t believe Beyonce’s baby news was the biggest event of the year, looking at tweets/second alone! And in 2012 little baby Blue Ivy is already topping the charts..

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